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Children in extreme poverty

Children living in slums in the capital of Haiti, Port-au-Prince.
Farah I like to play, and I like the time when I used to go to school. We do not eat everyday. When mom has good day, we have food. When things are difficult for her on the streets we do not eat.

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Georgine I have headaches and stomach pain but it is worst when I do not eat for the day, so my mother usually boils some kind of leaves to give to me because she does not have the money to take me to the Hospital. I think I'm a very nice person and everybody likes me. I'm not happy when I can see other children are going to school and I can not go, because I cannot become anything if I do not have an education.

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Jeannette-portrait I like to smile a lot. I like to play with the children in my area I am a very friendly girl. And I have many friends. I eat once a day. When mom finds something, if she finds it, in the morning we have that meal. If it’s at night, about 8hpm, we will eat at 8pm.

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Marie I like to smile, but I am not always happy. I am very simple, and like to share when I have something. The house belongs to the lady that I call my aunt. My parents are in the countryside.

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Reneus berloune Meet Reneus
Age: 16

Slum: Jalouzie, in Port-au-Prince, Haiti

I would be very happy if I could go back to school and have a job also most importantly to take care of my son and to help my mother out because she does not have anybody to help her and she is taking care of me my sister and my son.