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Mothers in extreme poverty

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Roseline I'm a very happy person and I'm very easy to get along with others, but there are times when things are not going so well for me and the kids it seems to be that I cannot be happy. We just eat what we can find but for the most part my husband and I do not eat everyday and sometimes the kids eat twice a day and sometime they just eat once a day. .

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Sheila We eat rice and beans when we can find it but we do eat anything that we can find that is eatable. I do not know how to read. My parents did not send me to school. If someone could help me to start a little business to take care of my children and myself. That would make me very, very happy.

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Reneus berloune I would be very happy if I could go back to school and have a job also most importantly to take care of my son and to help my mother out because she does not have anybody to help her and she is taking care of me my sister and my son.

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Georgine Meet Georgine
Age: 13

Slum: Jalouzie, in Port-au-Prince, Haiti

I have headaches and stomach pain but it is worst when I do not eat for the day, so my mother usually boils some kind of leaves to give to me because she does not have the money to take me to the Hospital. I think I'm a very nice person and everybody likes me. I'm not happy when I can see other children are going to school and I can not go, because I cannot become anything if I do not have an education.