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Something extra for your partner

There is absolutely no responsibility to provide additional programs to your partner. However, in our effort to make partnerships as direct as possible, with more individual control, we provide opportunities for you to take independent, direct action.



You can purchase additional food for your partner. Meals for $26 (3 per week) monthly (cancel anytime). These meals are purchased from a street vendor in the area where you partner lives, so that she or he can eat the whole meal comfortably.
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$28 food package. This package, with contains enough food staples for about 20 meals, is given to the entire family, which typically consumes it within a few days. The food package includes: One gallon of oil; one can of tomato sauce; one big can of beans; two big cans of rice; butter.

Tutoring for children

The children who are going to school are usually disadvantaged in not having had the normal educational background for their age. To help them catch up you may hire an afternoon tutor for them. After class, they stay for one additional hour each day. The tutor will help them with their lessons and other basic educational needs.
$50 for 2 three-month sessions

After-school options for schoolchildren

The following after school courses are presented by the CONOS Vocational Education center of Non-violence:
Music: Musical theory, Song, Wing instrument and percussion, Keyboard instrument and in rope Technical school: Painting, Banana baking, Computing, Sewing, Hook/ embroidery
Cost: $55 for Fall, Spring or Summer. (Includes transportation on communal taxi, supplies (some need books or notebooks), and clothes if necessary.


Until recently, schooling was not included in the basic partnership plan, and was available as an Optional program. Effective now, new partnerships are $25 per month and include school tuition, supplies, and the required uniform.
Those who are currently paying $10 for the basic partnership have the option to continue at that rate, and, if they like, to pay for school separately. Here are those options:

For students in Cite Soleil, we work with Action Cite Soleil school, a grassroots organization with volunteer teachers. Total cost: $155. Purchase.

Schools in others slums (Jalouzie, Citron, or Delmas) are $185. Purchase.

Send a gift of your own

Mail to Haiti is erratic, but packages usually arrive after a delay of a month or two. Feel free to send anything you like to your partner at this address:
People in Need Partnership
#3 Impasse Amboise, Rue Faustin 1st
Delmas 75
Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Your own idea

As you review your partner's Profile and learn about them during the course of the year you may notice some problems that are not addressed in your Financial plan. Or maybe the funds available are simply not sufficient to meet the needs of your partner.
For example: Shelter improvement (fix a leaky roof, repair a wall, etc.)

Send us a note

Send note explaining what kind of additional help you'd like to provide.
For help of additional family members or others, the best response may be to create a new partnership. You can 'Expand your circle of partnership' (see link at right), or perhaps you can help locate someone to become a partner.

Payments policy

The places where we are genuinely met and heard have great importance to us. Being in them may remind us of our strength and our value in ways that many other places we may pass through do not….The places in which we are seen and heard are holy places. They remind us of our value as human beings. They give us the strength to go on. Eventually they may even help us to transform our pain into wisdom. Rachel Naomi Remen, Kitchen Table Wisdom