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one personal relationship for the world

PINP is a new model for international development, based on direct relationships, understanding, and personal action.

There are many sponsorship organizations, but not many ways to form a real relationship with a person in extreme poverty. People in Need Partnership forms direct, one-to-one, interactive relationships between people living in the most disadvantaged communities in Haiti and others around the world.

Each month we focus on one area of life in society, with classes, workshops and actions. You can participate as much or little as you like. PINP believes that in order for programs to have an enduring influence, one must truly understand real-life living conditions in Haiti and their Haitian partner .

Personal Action
Personal action helps participants make direct changes in their own life. We can ‘live into being’ the world we envision, by developing skills, putting together our money, and taking responsibility, and most of all through an explicit, intensive process of clarifying our vision about what we want to achieve.

Your monthly cost of $25 includes $10 for the mini-center and $15 for school. Mini-center benefits include our workshop, creative activity, a hot meal, transportation, and the management of the partnership. School expenses for children includes tuition at a school in their neighborhood, school supplies, and the required uniform. For mothers, the $15 includes vocational training and supplies, or another benefit of equal value, such as funds to start a business.

Help change the dynamics of extreme poverty through partnership, understanding, and direct personal action!
Members have access to Topics and Personal Action

Topics are a way to get the inside story of one part of life in Haiti. Through background reports, classes, and workshops, we aim to arrive at a vision and useful opportunities for personal action. Topics are presented to people in extreme poverty, and the global community.

Personal Action are ways that people in extreme poverty can change their own life by collaborating with Members and Partners. Members can spearhead or contribute to any project.

Whether you are learning about a social institution, or resolving a life-threatening community issue, you will be engaging in a meaningful process of understanding and action. Members receive a monthly email indicating active Personal Actions. There is no fee or other obligation for Membership, and you can cancel anytime.

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People in Need Partnership (PINP) creates a direct relationship between you and a Haitian child or mother living in extreme poverty. Our unique program allows for direct, one-to-one interaction with your partner, through text messages, photos, or videos. The goal of PINP is not to solve all the problems that your partner faces. This is not possible. Instead, we are creating a framework for understanding and direct action at the deepest level. This is a new way of thinking about how to resolve global problems. Participate in an innovative and profound movement for change! We do not provide direct aid to your partner. Instead, our goal is to create a climate of understanding, commitment, and direct action, both in your Partnership page, and the Mini-center which your partner attends. Optional programs for direct assistance, including school, food, and medical care, are available.

When you sign up for a partnership, your decision provides a number of opportunities:
• The Haitian partner attends the mini-center for four hours each month. Our mini-center system provides a model for semi-autonomous and self-directed learning and action. Mini-center programs include:• Communicate with your partner through text, photos and video clips
• Learn about their life through reviews and reports that you will receive
• Optional programs, such as meals and school, to benefit your partner or the community in which they live.
• A private Partnership page for you and your partner is created for you automatically when you sign up. This is where most of your interaction takes place.

The page has other features to help you learn about your partner’s life, such as a special Review page and Future page. Review helps you understand the various dimensions of your partner’s needs. And the Future page presents our unique Achieve a dream! program. You will find details about available optional programs in your partnership page.

Each month your partner sends you a message about how the topic is expressed in their own life and effects them personally.
Each month we look at a different part of life in society. By the time the year is finished, we will have an overview of the main parts of life in society. And as we repeat these topics our understanding can deepen. Participation is optional, and you can delve in as much or as little as you like.

Topics consist of Reports, Classes, and Workshops:

Report on Haiti
Reports present background information about life on the ground in Haiti, Port-au-Prince, and the slums where people in extreme poverty are living. Reports are dynamically updated and include text, audio, images, and video clips, and are in English and Haitian Kreol.

Classes use the Visionary Society ‘Process of Understanding and Action,’ which is a non-arbitrary, non-hierarchical way explore the meaning of any topic. It begins with Actual Situation, continues to Fundamental questions, and arrives at Vision. Classes are available to Members and Partners.

Workshops bring together reports, classes, skills, and action. They are held at the mini-center, and directly in slums in our PINP kiosks. Using a remarkable new system even illiterate people can make these presentations, as long as they have been certified by PINP as ‘trainers,’ using an Ipod app, a mini projector, and a car battery.

A chance to do something truly meaningful
People in Need Partnership makes a new kind of relationship possible: connecting people in extreme poverty with others with tools to understand and act.

Not just help, but understanding and real relationships
Real change happens through caring, understanding relationships.

Responding to global conflict in a personal way
We don’t have to depend on institutions to respond to global poverty and suffering. It is our belief that social injustice is just the symptom of a broken bond, and healing that bond can have unpredictable and far-reaching effects. Acting on many levels, social and personal, external and internal, technical and soulful, People in Need Partnership is a process whose time has come. You can be part of this transformative process of addressing poverty and injustice, on one hand, and isolation and emptiness (of people in developed countries), on the other!

If we had an 911 number for the world, who would respond?
Is it possible to help someone without caring about them? Is it possible to care about someone without understanding them? Your Partnership makes this possible. After learning about People in Need Partnership, explore the Profiles to find your partner.